Stakelum’s 20-Year Relationship With Abbey School

Over the past two decades, Stakelums has worked closely with John Kiely, the principal of The Abbey School in Tipperary Town, to provide all the technological and infrastructural items necessary for the school. John has considered the partnership a big win, as Stakelums has been their key supplier that has taken the time and effort to know the ins and outs of the school and understand its demands. Throughout the years, Stakelums has continuously proven its ability to quickly provide high-quality service and materials at an affordable price. Here is what you should know about Stakelum’s work with The Abbey School.


Getting To Know John Kiely
Stakelums is proud to have spent many years working with an honorable, hardworking man like John Kiely. John Kiely is not only the principal of The Abbey all-boys school but also a successful hurling manager for Limerick Hurling Team. Under his leadership, Limerick won the All-Ireland title in 2018, 2020, and 2021. His high standards have led his team to success for many years.

As someone who understands the importance of having a hardworking team, not only is John Kiely delighted with the results Stakelums provides, but he also appreciates the process and quality of work. When asked about his experience working with Stakelums, John says, “we are very lucky to have a fantastic relationship with Stakelums. We know them well, and they have a very clear understanding of the needs of the school.” With many strong assets to the team, Stakelums has been able to provide top-quality service to many schools and offices.


Getting To Know John Kiely


The Abbey School
The Abbey School is an all-boys Christian Brothers Secondary school located in Tipperary Town. The school is made up of 250 boys, 30 teachers, and 6 support staff. While the campus is rather large, with multiple buildings, each building was created in different years, including 1952, 1982, and 2002.

 With many new buildings and halls constantly being built over the years, The Abbey School has called upon Stakelums multiple times for new school furniture and school supplies. Since the school has had many changes over the years, Principal Kiely has found it incredibly important to have a key supplier that knows the business well. Not only does he believe Stakelums understands the demands of school, but he says Stakelums is also knowledgeable about the various departments while using valuable problem-solving skills.



Problem Solving With Stakelums


When working with Stakelums, clients are provided with a full 360 service. From providing office supplies to picking out school furniture, Stakelums can take care of all your school’s needs. This makes it easy to find a key provider and stick with them throughout the years. Just ask John Kiely.


As an all-encompassing provider, Stakelums does more than deliver services. Stakelums can identify your needs, solve problems, and find custom solutions to your needs. They achieve this by sending a representative to check out the school or office space and see the situation themselves. According to John, “Stakelums has always been very good at identifying the problem, finding a solution, and the solutions have invariably been top class.” The Abbey School has worked with Stakelums representative Sean Wright for many years, and he is excellent at finding solutions within their allotted budget. For instance, he has found the best lockers, tables, chairs, and furniture for every building. Each item fits perfectly with the look and needs of the school.


Problem Solving With Stakelums


Stakelums Promise of Affordability


Stakelums ultimate goal is to get your facility everything it needs to succeed at the right price. After working with Stakelums for many years, John Kiely knows exactly where to go anytime they need something. They source everything from whiteboards to big tables, chairs, and staffroom furniture from Stakelums.


The best part of working with a personal representative is they can fully understand your goals and needs. For instance, Sean Wright has been able to find solutions within the school’s limited budget for many years. He is cognizant of the price points and knows how to work with them to get the best quality items for an affordable price.



Working With Local Vendors

While Stakelums works to get the best price, they still value quality. In fact, most of the supplies come from local, family-owned businesses. By sourcing the products locally, Stakelums supports boutique business owners with family values. John loves this aspect of Stakelums, and he feels prideful watching businesses local businesses grow. After purchasing supplies from locally owned businesses, John feels more connected to the business and is honored to have been a part of the business’s growth. Although Stakelums has grown to become a large company, they are still committed to maintaining family values and providing quality service.



The Importance of Working with a Trusted Irish Company

When working on long-term projects, it is incredibly important to find a trusted company. By working with a trusted company, you can have confidence they are doing all they can to provide you with the best service and materials. As you look for a trustworthy company, it is important to look to build strong relationships with the representatives and make sure you like them. You could potentially be working with them for many months, if not years. With a trusted company, you can be sure they are doing their best to find the products you need at a rate you can afford. As John says, “time is of the essence,” so you should always try to find companies that can work with you to find the solution in a timely manner.  

Work With Stakelums


Stakelums truly enjoy solving problems and creating unique solutions, which allows them to complete all tasks at a high level. By working with a representative, you can be sure to get handpicked solutions from trusted local vendors. They also provide a full 360 service, so whether your company needs specific office supplies or wants an entire fit-out, Stakelums is the place to go. Those who work with Stakelums tend to report that Stakelums provides unmatched enthusiasm, customer service, and quality.